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The Elite Kenpo Council welcomes new Council Members Glenn J. Hardman (4th Black) and Qwina West (7th Black). You have taken the steps to being Elite ! 

                                              Our Goal

                        The Elite Kenpo Council
                                    Our Goal

  The Green Berets, The Air Born Rangers, The Navy Seals. What do they all have in common, they are all Special Forces of each Military Branch, and entry into each is reserved for the very few who WANT IT BAD.

  Each Special Forces division is recognized by a patch on their arm or pins on their collar. When they are seen. There is no mistake as to who they are and what they can do. And they all command respect without a word being spoken.

  The Elite Kenpo Council is the Special Forces Division of the International Kenpo Karate Academies ( IKKA ) But as described above, it is not for everyone nor is everyone accepted into it. It is a division of the best within the IKKA with Global recognition.

  It is for those who have made the personal choice of stepping out of the comfort zone and into an area where they stand out above the rest. Not in arrogance but in Kenpo Excellence. This is for the members who have what it takes to cause the Kenpo Flame to burn hotter and brighter.

CEO Senior Master Paul Britton

                                          Our Mission

                           The Elite Kenpo Council
                            Mission Statement

  Every organization no matter what the field of endeavor. Has a mission statement. It tells the world what you stand for, what you expect, what you will accept and what you wont. Kenpo is a very special art that is held very sacred to those of us around the world who have spent the majority of our lives studying it.
  With this being the case, we want to protect, preserve and pass on The Kenpo that we hold so sacred, the right true and correct way. While at the same time, giving our members the right and freedom to explore the art of Kenpo as they continue their own personal Journey.

  But in order for this to happen, there must be guidance. Guidance from those who know the art, beyond just the physical performance of it. The Elite Kenpo Council is a group of individuals who know the art at a very in depth level, and will by no means compromise their personal integrity of it.

  To be the best, you have to be better than the rest. You have to be willing to raise your standard to a level that surpasses the others around you. Navy Seals are an excellent example of raising your standard. But you have to want it.

  The question is ( Do You )

Master of the Art Paul Britton


                                  Our Benefits

As we stated above, the Elite Kenpo Council will be made up of those individuals who strive to take their Kenpo to the next level and have devoted the time it takes to do it.

As with most Associations the benefits are similar,   

  •  Seminar Hosting
  • Rank certification
  • Rank advancement
  • Bio pages for members who chose to submit them ( which will boost your schools potential and validate your place in the Kenpo world
  • And the most important benefit : RECOGNITION!

  In this declining economy we as school owners and instructors need the recognition that will put our schools on top! Our students want to know our lineage is real and that we a part of something important. Most Associations will allow all ranks to be members , the Elite Kenpo Council will be made up of 3rd Degree Black belts and above , which simply means you must be a Head Instructor or above.

Our Council will have some of the the worlds most Elite kenpo practitioners from all over the world.

As we grow we will expand our benefits such as 

  •  Patches
  •  A question and answer section to keep our Kenpo minds going
  •  Ed Parker jr created certificates... and much more
                                      Board Of Directors


CEO)  Senior Master of the Art - Paul Britton 10th Black

President)  Professor of the Art - Joe Whelan 6th Black

Vice President) Christopher Lussier- Senior Master of the Art -10th Black

Kenpo Technical Ad-visor)  Senior Professor - Patrick Salantri 7th Black

Secretary)  Associate Master - John Annunziata - 3rd Black

European Director) Sebastiano Urzi - Senior Instructor - 4th Black  

Australian Director) Anthony Hockley - Associate Master- 8th Black 

Board Member) 

                                   A Message from our CEO

A Question of Direction


As the CEO of the IKKA and the Elite Kenpo Council, I remain silent for the most part. Not inactive, just silent. As I read the post that is displayed by members with their concern for the direction that American Kenpo takes as time passes us by. The bottom line question that seems to dominate the spot light is (Should what SGM Parker worked all his life for be changed, altered, modified or left alone as he completed his last revision of it) And for that matter if he was still alive today would he still be changing it, or would he be satisfied with it and call it quits.


  First and foremost, AMERICAN KENPO WILL NEVER DIE, BECAUSE WE WONT LET IT. As members, we have to have the strength and guts to look beyond what’s in front of us and look to what is possible. As I have said many time already. SGM Parker worked so hard to give us the foundation, he laid the concrete slab. But we are the ones who are expected to build on that slab. A good example would be (The idealistic stage of training, meaning this is what is supposed to happen) But what if what you expect doesn’t happen, the answer is simple (Change or alter it, do something different until you get the desired result )


  The next question, and be honest with yourself. How many techniques have you practiced over and over again? When you know for a fact (THEY WONT WORK) But you still do them because its what was laid in stone. It’s American Kenpo, so we have to do it and teach it. And to add to it, all of us including myself were taught that if it’s not part of the recorded material that SGM Parker recorded, then it’s not American Kenpo.


  The last time I checked, American Kenpo was a set of Rules and Principles of motion, not a listed number of techniques. Mr. Parker was and will always be a legend in his own right. And from a spiritual stand point, what if Mr. Parker could see what each of us were doing with the Art, would he scream at us or would he tell us to keep pressing on. Members of the IKKA, let your passion and creativity flow. Let your ideas and visions for the art loose and be heard and seen.


  Have the guts to take your Kenpo to the next level. Show us and the kenpo world that you have a Kenpo mind of your own. Mr. Whelan and I will stand by you till the end. Let your own light shine, because in the very end of it all. You’re the legend.

Paul Britton


CEO Elite Kenpo Council


                                                         Our Seal


                                                       Elite Video
News Letter Elite

  This letter is for the eyes of the Elite Kenpo Council only.  After composing several documents relating to who we are and what we do. I have purposely waited several weeks to see what feed back that Master Whelan and I would get from members of the Elite Council. As well as feed back from members of the IKKA who are either under belts or those members who have not reached the Elite Status yet.

  Its very easy and gratifying to a degree to have our name listed on a web site, with our earned degree next to it. To be called ( Elite ) However, in some cases having your name listed can be as far as it goes. Words inspire, but visual action speaks volumes.

  Its wonderful to have people read about us and what we have each achieved. But they really need to see us move. I made a request weeks ago to have to each Elite member submit videos clips so that they could be posted on the web site. I ask again please.

  Lets give our members and those who may me interested in joining us more than words. Lets give them what we are capable of.

GM Paul Britton 10th Dan IKKA

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